What are Intuitive Healing Sessions?

Australia-Wide via distance healing

Currently offering FREE 20 minute phone intro healing call to give you healing tools to improve your wellbeing

We each contain subtle energy/spiritual 'bodies' such as the mental and emotional body as well as our physical body which impact on how we feel, think and how balanced, pain free and at ease our physical body is. For example, when we suppress how we feel or don't voice how we feel (in a respectful way), this can create blockages in our etheric body, astral body and chakras, we lose life force and even parts of our soul fragments , in time contributing to pain, illness, fatigue and so on in the physical body. Any healing we do needs to come from an understanding that we are a whole being, containing body, spirit and soul, emotional and mental energy bodies, all interrelated and influencing each other. 

Each of the healing sessions I offer is unique to you. I aim to help you feel safe to explore your inner wisdom and being in these sessions where you can clear blockages to feeling healing healthy and whole. In our first session together, I will tune into your energy bodies, locating any blockages, symbols, trauma, colours, emotions or other information your body, energy field, higher self may be guiding me to. As this is whole healing of your mind, body, soul and spirit, i will share with you how to clear emotions and trauma and ways you can change thinking patterns or explore emotions that will ensure you experience lasting results in your life. I can also do cord clearing (involving clearing the energetic cord between you and some one or an object who you may be experiencing pain or challenges with) which can improve your relationships with people and let go of unnecessary heaviness or feelings of rejection for example. 

I have a gentle way of being, whilst also being honest about what will help you experience wellness and deep transformation.

Everything in our sessions is treated with confidentiality and respect for you as a whole person and sovereign being, this is why I share with you ways to connect to your own healing potential and higher self so you can connect with your own soul and wisdom. 

In subsequent sessions, we use a variety of emotional, mental or spiritual exercises to support your body and energy bodies. I offer healing rituals and meditations, gestures, dance and protection rituals for you to use in between sessions and during our sessions.

As these sessions involve healing of the etheric body and emotional healing (your full being), the sessions involve a commitment to your transformation. I aim to empower you to be confident in feeling whole and being able to tune into your own body and soul messages (your physical temple and your soul and spirit), feel better and have greater awareness into how emotions, thoughts and environmental factors are influencing your wellness!

It would be an honour to assist you in your healing journey I am looking forward to supporting you to be your highest self and in healing yourself

HEALING special 5 healing sessions for $300;(which can be only be completed via phone at this time due to virus).

Much love

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Intuitive Healing with teacher Inna Segal, practitioner training over 6 years

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