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I offer intuitive inner healing sessions to support your emotional wellbeing and find the root causes behind physical ailments, harmful thought patterns, impacts of trauma and relationship challenges. I am currently offering FREE one 20 minute introductory phone call to see if we are a good fit together. Contact me to schedule a call. ? PLEASE NOTE~ I am currently only offering phone/zoom healing sessions due to restrictions associated with the virus. I have been studying spiritual development and intuitive abilities and inner healing for over 7 years with Inna Segal, the author of The Secret Language of Your Body and Heal Yourself card deck and am a Inner Healing Specialist with Inna Segals modality. 

I have a gentle ability to hold space for both light and shadow. Often there are deep emotions and thinking patterns impacting your physical or other emotional, relationship symptoms. I can help hold space for you to meet your emotions and integrate your gifts and improve your sense of self and inner strength. I can assist you to get to the root cause behind physical symptoms or emotional issues, and to in learning how to heal yourself and connect with your body's intelligence.

I have been able to heal my own symptoms (chronic fatigue/pain and depression and anxiety which I experienced for many years) using the emotion healing, awareness of the energy bodies (astral body, etheric body etc) work with archetypes and with a holistic view of nourishing the body, soul, spirit, mind and heart and an ability to connect to my own body's wisdom and intelligence. The healing sessions that i offer are effective for physical ailments, relationship issues, emotional pain, chronic pain, shadow archetypes, inner child, trauma and learning how to tune into your own body's wisdom, improving confidence and boundaries and inner child healing.

I am available to support you Wednesdays- Saturday's. I am currently offering a healing package of 5 sessions for AUD$500 (each session is 1.5 hours) or AUD120 if you prefer per session. Advance bookings essential.  This is not massage.


You will find more information about what each sessions involve under the "What are Intuitive Healing Sessions?" tab.

Here is what clients have said about my sessions:

"I really loved Jaqueline's treatment. I felt deeply relaxed instantly and felt warm energy around my body where she was sat and also on the top of my head where I usually get a lot of pain. I thought I was awake throughout the whole session but Jaqueline said she was asking me questions and I didn't respond! I have suffered from chronic tension headaches for over a year and Jaqueline was able to tune into the root causes which were a complete surprise to me but now make perfect sense! Thank you "
- Nicola

"Thank you Jaq for the healing session it's hard to put into words the difference it made immediately I felt lighter as if you took away some of my worries and stress and my thinking was clearer. You picked up on something no one knew about and within a week the pain was gone and it hasn't been sore again. Thank you thank you thank you. "
- Melissa

"As a fellow practitioner, I can say the healing sessions that Jaqueline has given me, have been profound. Jaqueline has a very unique ability to meet you in your "darkness" and bring you through to your "lightness" Jaqueline has the ability to do this with great gentleness whilst providing a strong safe environment for you to learn and grow in. Margaret Tysoe Intuitive Healer and Reiki Practitioner "

"Jaqueline is a brilliant, beautifully intuitive and healing woman who supports me on deeply emotional and spiritual levels. She most recently gave me an oracle card reading where she spoke with such clarity, guidance, and accuracy that felt true to my heart, revealing new things for me to discover. She is also amazing at holding space for you with loving acceptance and positive encouragement. A true sister to me. -Janelle

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Intuitive Healing Practitioner modality with Inna Segal over 7 years

Reiki Level 1

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